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Beer of the Month – 4 Pines ESB (Extra Special Bitter)

4 Pines Brewing Company Extra Special Bitter – 5.4% | 45 IBU

A full-flavoured, amber-coloured English Ale. Rich toffee and raisin sweetness from the malt, balanced with a firm bitterness and a fresh herbal hop aroma.


We asked 4 Pines Brewing Company’s Adam Mitchell, who probably grew up wanting to be a fireman but now gets to sign his emails with the title “Beer Lover”, to tell us a bit more about the 4 Pines company.

He said, “There are 6 founders, all family, from Yallingup in south western Australia. Ten years ago Sydney didn’t have a brewery outside of the city. We’d be back and forth visiting my brother in Manly and we often talked about how strange it was that you couldn’t get a decent beer. We love good beer so we decided to change that!

We kicked off 4 Pines with a brewpub in Manly and 3 years later we opened a larger production facility in Brookvale. We also opened the Brookvale Brewery Truckbar, a 21 tap bar that’s a kind of big brother to our Manly venue.”

Geez, that must keep you busy!

“Yes, but we have plenty of good help. We employ nearly 90 people in the hospitality, brewery, sales and admin areas, although that’s about to more than double.

We’re currently in the process of opening 3 new venues in Sydney, focusing on the Northern Beaches. The first is mostly about dining and will be located below our current brewpub. The second is a bar where we’ll drive our barrel age program and the third is a restaurant/bakery using beer to bake bread and other products.

Once the new venues kick off we’ll have a staff of more like 200.”

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

“I can hold my breath for 3:20, I love to climb mountains and I can run faster than my brother.”